What is the best deal or most unique item?

What is the best deal or most unique item you have ever found at a rummage sale? Here are some of the responses we received on our Rummaging with Ryan Contest entry blanks:

Shelley, Crary, ND   “A lamp made into a birdbath”

Jean, Devils Lake, ND  “New fishing poles for my husband”

Lenora, Buxton, ND  “I bought an old wooden washing machine and paid $90 for it.  My daughter has it in her entry/laundry room.”

Liz, Emerado, ND  “2 glider rockers”

Patricia, Grafton, ND  “Marble top plant stand”

Shirley, Red Lake Falls, MN  “Ceramic ducks”

Paula, Edinburg, ND  “An almost new patio set – table, 4 chairs and an umbrella for $25!”

Bertha, Thompson, ND  “Railroad lantern”

Carrie, Grand Forks, ND  “Free flat screen TV”

Janet, Dent, MN  “My sister thought I was crazy when I bought a mannequin.  We drove around with it all day.  It now displays my wedding dress.”

Wilma, Grand Forks, ND  “Special K bars”

Julia, Argyle, MN  “The most fun thing I eve found was a Sears sewing machine just like new with all the attachments for only $10.”

Janell, Manvel, ND  “An antique 3 wheel bicycle with mirrors and a basket, Schwinn no less.”

Susan, Minto, ND  “Bought a nice pair of jeans for $1 – got home and threw all the rummage stuff in the washer and found a $20 bill in the pocket of the jeans.”

Cheryl, Fisher, MN  “4 piece outdoor lighted Christmas items:  tree, wreath, star and angel all under $100 “

One thought on “What is the best deal or most unique item?

  1. I purchased a bookcase that a ladies’ grandfather made in the early part of the 1900’s for $20. She told me that another customer complained about the price being too high. The craftsmanship alone is worth more than what I paid for it. The sentimental value is priceless.

    We also purchased a luggage topper for a vehicle for just $5 a few years back. It served its purpose well and has move on to another family.

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